A Month To Go…


We are into the last month of the sermon series entitled Red Letter Questions.  The summer, as it usually does, has gone by fast and the school year is looming.  For me it is the last time I will send a high school student to the first day of school.  Life just keeps on moving forward one second at a time.  The only thing that is going to stop time, is Jesus’ return.

The questions that Jesus asks in the gospels are there to challenge not only those who heard Jesus speak them, but us as well.  We need to take the time to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider the questions that Jesus is asking and see how they play out in our lives.

This weeks sermon title, “Why Is It So Hard?” deals with faith.  Why is it so hard to have faith that really trusts that God is going to come through? Why do we find it so difficult to truly believe that God has our best interests in mind?  Why do we so often revert to attempting to make it through on our own, when we know what the outcome of that is going to be? The story is a familiar one and the outcome we have all probably heard many times.  But as I was researching this sermon I ran across something that I had never thought of before and I am looking forward to sharing that with you this coming Sunday.  If you cannot be there, remember that you can watch the sermon on our web page at www.genevafamilyworshipcenter.com.   The last five sermons of this series will be from questions found in the book of Luke and John.  We will finish the series on the last Sunday of August with a sermon entitled, “It’s The Plan”.  The very reason that Jesus came.  Everything in the history of the world prior to the cross of Jesus looked forward to that moment in time.  Everything since has looked back.  The question, since this is such a pivotal point in history, is how does this impact you?  Jesus was so concerned about seeking and saving the lost, that he was willing to leave heaven, become a man and go through all of the struggles that you and I go through and finally to be tortured and hung on a cross to die.  All of this so that you and I and everyone in the entire world could have eternal life, if we are willing to ask Jesus for forgiveness of sins.  That is the importance that God placed on repairing the relationship between us and him.  Realizing that we could never get that back on our own, God had to make a way to pay the price for sin.  That price was the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The impact that it needs to have on us, we have to realize the incredible value that God places on people.  Those who are followers of Jesus Christ and those who have not yet decided to follow him.  Where are you at?  Are you a follower of Jesus?  If so, it needs to be your life’s mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone who crosses your path.  Not in a way that makes them run for cover, but in a dignified way that respects them and the choices that they make. If you are not a follower of Jesus Christ yet, this is for you.  God loved you so much that he sent his son to die for you to pay the price for your sins.  The only payment that could be made is death.  Since Jesus was perfect, his death could be made as a substitute for yours.  All you have to do is accept that and trust that Jesus made a way for you to once again have a relationship with God.  When you do that you have eternal life.  If you have any other questions about starting a relationship with God, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

I trust that you have had a great summer so far!  It is not over but plans are being made for the fall and all the busyness.  I am looking forward to all that God is going to do in our lives and in our church as we choose to Love God!  Love Others! and Make A Difference!

Have a great month!

Pastor Galen